Temporary foreign workers are needed in Canada to fill up the labour shortages. Therefore, each year many foreign workers enter Canada. Employers must first procure an authorization from Immigration Canada to hire these Temporary Foreign Workers.

Open Work Permit

An Open Work Permit authorises the permit holder to work for any employer for the validity of that permit.  The following are the programs eligible for applying for an Open Work permit:

  • Canadian experience class
  • Federal skilled trades program
  • Humanitarian and compassionate grounds
  • Provincial nominee program
  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Live in care giver program
  • Spouse or common law partner in Canada

Other eligible factors could be:

  • If the applicant is enrolled in a full-time program as a student in an eligible education institute, then the applicant is eligible for an Open Work Permit
  • With pilot project, an applicant is also eligible if their spouse or dependant child is a temporary resident of Canada
  • If the applicant has a 6 months valid temporary resident permit
  • If the applicant’s spouse is a skilled worker under occupations listed as NOC 0, A or B
  • If the applicant’s spouse is an international student
  • If the applicant is a family member of a foreign representative
  • If the applicant is in Canada under the agreement of federal territorial immigration which includes an active pilot project.
  • If the applicant is participating in the Canada youth program or in international experience Canada program.
  • If the applicant has filed a claim for the refugee protection and is waiting for the decision on the filed claim or cannot pay the basic needs without working.
  • If the applicant’s refugee claim is rejected but the Canadian government does not remove the applicant.
  • If the applicant is a family member of the foreign military member working in Canada.

Closed Work Permit

A closed work permit provides an opportunity for foreign nationals to come to Canada temporarily and experience Canadian living before applying for permanent residence. It limits the applicant’s employment to a single employer. Furthermore, having worked for at least a year in Canada will give you an advantage if you are applying for permanent residency.

A closed work permit would contain the following limitation information to establish the closeness:

  • Name of the employer you can work for
  • How long you can work for this employer
  • Location where you can work (if applicable)

Foreign nationals who currently reside in Canada may also be eligible for Canada Closed Work Permit.

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