With top class universities and expanding curriculums, many students aspire to study in Canada, resulting in a rise in Student Visa applications.

But there are several criteria which must be met before you apply for a study permit. This process starts from choosing the right course to entering Canada and is quite a lengthy and time-consuming process.

How to apply for a Study Permit?

  • The first step is choosing the right course and the university you want to study in
  • Only after applying and receiving a letter application can your Canada Visa processes start
  • There are various documents which is prescribed by the Canadian government which are needed to be submitted by the applicant
  • The main requirement in your application focuses on your finances. You need to provide documentation showing the Canadian Government that you have adequate funds to fund your tuition fees, living expenses and transportation expenses
  • Students who take up courses for 6 months or less do not need a Study permit but must reapply if they intend to extend their stay in Canada
  • Apart from having world renowned universities, Canada also has other benefits for students from other countries. Students can work part time on their student permit either on campus or off campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week

How can we help you?

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