US Waiver

If your entry in the United States is banned due to some inadmissibility clause, a US Waiver document can help. This form will allow you to enter the country irrespective of the reason of inadmissibility. While this document is not easy to procure, we, at Wise Advice, the top consultants in immigration in Toronto and GTA, can help you in this process.

Fast Card

This is specifically for the truckers looking for a low risk driver permit. There are certain rules that govern this permit like – A person must be a Canadian citizen or a legal permanent resident belonging to the visa waiver program or must hold a valid US Visa to enter the country without any issue. You can reach out to Wise Advice to get help in obtaining this permit.

B1/B2 Visa

The USCIS offers a B1 (Business) or B2 (Tourist) multiple entry visas to US visitors for 10 years. Most of the time, these visas are offered together as a B1/B2 visa. These are non-immigrant visas and does not allow the traveler a work permit in the United States.

However, if the holder plans to revise the visa from a visitor visa to a work permit, the custom officer is likely to reject the application and request for a revised application for non-immigrant visa type. In such case, we recommend visiting the nearest US Visa Consulate. In case you need professional advice or support, call us and our immigration experts will be available to help and advise you.

TWIC(Transportation Worker Identification Credential) Card

For the workers requiring special access to Maritime’s secure facilities and vessels, Under the Maritime Transportation Security Act, TSA conducts a background check and other security checks. Citizens of the United States and immigrants from specific countries are eligible to apply for this credential. Wise Advice, with the rich experience in this field, is equipped to handle and answer queries and concerns for this credential. Call our office to speak to our immigration experts for further details.