The Canadian Experience Class is a sub-division of the Express Entry System. Applicants need to apply through the Express Entry System to be considered for the CEC. Candidates having the highest scores are then given an ITA to apply for Permanent Residency. Foreign workers with at least one-year of work experience in Canada can apply for permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program.Canada has strong multicultural roots and a welcoming environment for the talented foreign workers who has experience working in Canada. They have already established personal and professional relationships and are perfect candidates to apply for permanent residence in Canada. This includes international students working in Canada after completion of their study.

There are certain requirements which must be met in order to apply under this category:
– Must be eligible to enter Canada
– Must have a minimum of 12 months full-time work experience in Canada
– Must meet the language ability requirements required for the job

Skilled Work Experience:
One of the requirements is to have a minimum of 12 months Canadian Work Experience within three years of applying.
The National Occupational Classification (NOC) has laid out certain guidelines for skilled work experience. The experience must be in a job mentioned in NOC 0, A OR B.
NOC defined skills are:
– NOC 0: Managerial Jobs
– NOC A: Professional Jobs
– NOC B: Skilled Trades and Technical Jobs

Once the minimum requirements for this program have been successfully met, the applicant can enter his profile into the pool of candidates in Express Entry online.
Persons who are present in Canada can make applications under this program. Persons who are outside the country can also submit applications but need to do so within a period of three years of leaving their job in Canada.
The Canadian Experience Class is one of the simplest and quickest paths to receiving permanent residence in Canada. This immigration stream is highly popular amongst the international students willing to apply for immigration to Canada.

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