What is a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)?
An LMIA, previously known as LMO (Labor Market Opinion), is a verification process which permits a Canadian employer to hire a Temporary Foreign Worker. This process verifies whether hiring the Temporary Foreign Worker will have a negative or positive impact on the Canadian Labor Market.
The Employers must provide complete information about which position they are hiring for, why they want to hire a Temporary Foreign Worker, what recruitment efforts were taken to hire a Canadian citizen or Permanent resident for this position, how many resumes were received, how many were offered the job, how ,many refused the offer and their reason for refusing the offer.

The ESDC considers several factors when reviewing the file and before making any decision. Some of the factors considered are:

  1. The area of the job: Is there a labor shortage of that occupation where the job is located?
  2. Has the Canadian employer undertaken all the recruitment efforts to pill the job position with a Canadian Citizen or Permanent resident?
  3. The salary being offered must be equal or more than the median wage offered in that province.
  4.  The working conditions of the job should be consistent with the current prevailing laws.
  5. Whether there is a labor dispute in that service industry or company
  6. Will hiring the Temporary Foreign Worker result in creating or retaining jobs?
  7. Is the Temporary Foreign Worker capable of training and transferring expertise skills to Canadians?
  8. The Temporary Foreign Worker will have to work full-time with the same employer at a pre-determined wage set.

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